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This is one of the software that pembuatannya long, but there is this newest series. difference from the previous series "7.0" or the other is not too significant, just add that it looks interesting. and no attachment. for you have a busy internet certainly little or a lot of eror akan leave or cause file2 "junk" files ato waste. or make you also have a few files that are older and have not needed the windows or other computer system that, with this tool will be easy to clean up the data that is not used anymore ..

different from the previous series that can not work with other anti-virus such as avira and Kaspersky and only with the default anti-virus. but with the emergence of the latest series of system mechanic 8.5 this was after I use a firewall system in which there is a mechanic in the system would accept the existence of the 8.5 Kaspersky, so hopefully this program can both work together.

next to the friends who get my newest series of system mechanic 8.5 can be downloaded here,
but this is only trial version. trial even though we still are given the opportunity to try for 30 days. middling films like first time a 30-day search for love, if this 3o day trial version to use. if you make friends who can match resumed buying premiumnya version, or can also get the same "leader google" how to find a tool that can be used to remove the trialnya ...,

later if there is a successful nemuin I dikabari ... ya, soalnya I have lived 13 more days ..
he ... 3x, happy trying. hopefully with a little information can be useful. thank's "^..^"

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I can this little story from a powerpoint slide, but I do know who have it.
But ni have a little quote, I remember studying the history of a few years ago,

1816: expelled from his family home
1818: his mother died
1831: failed in business
1832: in the council elections in, lost their jobs, not received in the department of law
1833: borrow money from temen; failed again in business, he spent 17 years to return the debt
1834: Selected SO BOARD MEMBER
1835: engaged, but then died kekasihnya
1836: neuropathy, 6 months in bed
1838: failed to become the speaker selection
1840: failed for legislative candidates
1843: Congress fails in election
1846: Selected JADI MEMBER Congress
1848: failed to board members so
1849: officials declined as land
1855: senator failed so
1856: senator failed so
1860: PRESIDENT AMERIKA = Abraham Lincoln

What we can do after knowing that, there are some quote from some who have been successful in his life

• Recipes Thomas Watson (founder of IBM), "Want to succeed? Lipatgandakan failure! "
• Colonel Harland Sanders (KFC), 1009 rejected a store, when selling prescription KFC
• To find the bulb, Edison failed 10,000 times the experiment, the findings need Aki 50,000 times failed.
• Xerox copy machine photo 20 companies declined.
• Walt Distney decay 302 times.

What about us? Dngan still fear failure? Accept the challenge?
The fact today is the plan yesterday, and the fact tomorrow is what we plan today. This can be realized if we have the will to seriously, and strive accompanied with do'a.

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Blogging activities are very fun, and the user of blogger all around the world very increase rapidly on this several years, each minutes the internet "birth" a new blog, and off course we want to have beautiful blog design, the design of blog in WordPress called "themes", this themes can be downloaded for free, but for premium themes, sometime it is not free, but some of website give it for free too.

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writing is beautiful, fun writing it, what else ya ... staple in many a can of writing, writing is a scratch ink on paper. This definition may be less appropriate ... yes, writing can use any media anywhere, anytime. antiquity people write on a stone inscription, called, written or leaves the skin over the animal. the main thing ... a lot of that later from the writings can be expressive in denqan easy to understand so ... This new text is better.
Who in this world who does not feel happy ... can write, with any posts, we can reconcile the country is in the form of letters to war with the peace agreement, with the text-shaped love letter we can get people that we love.

I hope with this paper can improve our relationship ropes, sharing stories, though perhaps strange, confusing, sometimes also is known. his name is also the learning process. habit of writing can be a little love to write, so that when the day does not just write it so that there is less ...
writing is not difficult to write a good and true is also not too difficult also only need to learn bit by bit from the good friend, teacher or even like this from another blogger friend.
Reviews like this all the more confused ... wah electric die again ... plus so confused,,.
I have been the first so ... thanks .. i read

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Bagi teman teman yg ingin memperbaiki akhlah bangsa kita, dan ingìn menjadi bangsa yang lebih maju ada hal yg mudah untuk dilaksanakan yaitu ikut memberantas yg namanya pornografi dan pornoaksi, sudah banyak lembaga yang ikut mengkampanyekan gerakan anti pornoaksi dan pornografi. ya mungkin dari postingan ini mungkin inilah sumbangan ya dapat saya berikan.

ya.. ni ada cara bagaimana membentengi komputer dengan software2 anti pornografi, kalo mau tahu softwarenya tanya aja sama mbah google aj ya.. soale ak lupa ya itung itung smbil browsing2 jalan2. tapi kalo aku sendiri pakainya sudah paketan dengan anti virus.. aku pakai kaspersky internet securuty serinya lupa, yang terbaru tentunya yang 2009. ni anti virus yang kemampuane komplet banget, ya kelemahannya cuma anti virus ini minta update tiap hari, tapi kalo enggak juga gak apa tapi nanti ada peringatan terus.
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