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create file in zip can be simple if we know how way to do, i will try give to you solution abou this

One of my favorite features in Mac OSX tiger mengkompress file is a zip file with just one click only. Tujuaanya is to reduce (shrink) the file size was. (ideally on the file we will send it via e-mail, because the smaller the file size will be more rapid transfer of the file)

To create these files terkompress, Control-click on the file / folder on the menu and select "make a compressed ZIP file". or you can also click on the file akan dikompress and click on the action menu (the button shaped like a gear that is in the Finder window's toolbar) and select Create Archive of the menu there. That will produce the new file, with extension. "Zip." That is the file that has been successfully terkompress.

Kita juga bisa mengkompress beberapa file-file yang berbeda (dua atau tiga file misalnya) menjadi satu file archive — Command-click (atau Shift-click) untuk memilh file-file yang akan dimasukkan, lalu pilih “Create Archive of …. items” from Action menu. Dan akan menghasilkan satu buah file “Archive.zip”. Selamat Mencoba…

Apabila seseorang mengirimmu sebuah file ZIP, jangan bingung — double klik saja file tersebut dan Tiger akan otomatis me-decompress file tersebut..

Not with the way Mac OS X handles file. Zip you?
Or perhaps you are looking for applications that are able to view the content of the file. Mengekstraknya zip before?

Try Zipeg!
Free application that can be run in both Tiger and Leopard gives you the ease to select the file you want extracted. More terrible, Zipeg supports almost all compression formats, including:. Zip, .7 z,. Rar,. Gz,. Tgz,. Bz2,. Arj,. Lzh, and more.

or can try this alternative
you can visit http://www.articlecity.info/Create-ZIP-Archives-in-Mac-OS-X/

The Unarchiver

For Mac OS X users, compression tools available by default may be sufficient. Uređaj called The Unarchiver is free (terbundel in Mac OS X) and can handle many formats, the archive does not like that by default Windows only capable of handling ZIP formata. The Unarchiver but only as a note file, to create a compressed file with the ZIP format non-Mac OS X users need to use other software.
anything about your MAC os you can find here

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